the general lee

For more than 10 years we here at willitmakeit have been testing and abusing a variety of vehicles including but not limited to RV’s, boats, motor scooters and your everyday sedan or pick-up truck. We do not discriminate amongst manufactures whether they are foreign or domestic. Our goal is to see how much abuse the car can take before failure. Once it has failed, we try to revive it with any means necessary including your mechanic in a bottle treatments and what we have lying around. Sometimes we remove vital fluids or replace them with the wrong fluid to see what will happen or how long the car will run.

Most of our cars are sold to us dirt cheap or donated, cars that are so bad, even Craigslist doesn’t want them. They are one step from going to the scrap yard, just getting these cars to run is a story in itself.

Stay a while and enjoy our videos from the safety of your home! We want your input, message us with ideas you have or comment on how to test a vehicles to the EXTREME! (Please do not try these stunts or abuse anywhere, we are untrained idiots)

 Also look at our list of vehicles, past and present and see the TV/Movie replicas we have had and currently have.

In addition to testing and wrecking vehicles, we rent out our emergency vehicles for TV, movies, music videos, commercials and more. Even our crew can be seen in cameo appearances in different TV and music videos.