Welcome to the videos page. Below are some random videos and radio sound bytes were we have done stunts or events and interviewed or used in advertising with out replica cars as well as some testing and abuse of junk cars. See burn outs to doughnuts to high speed chases. See the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, complete with the Confederate Flag, doing a doughnuts. Some videos from K.I.T.T and K.A.R.R from the 1980’s Knight Rider. Check out more of our videos on YouTube channel and of course, on different TV programs and music videos.

Willitmakeit YouTube

Willitmakeit at the 2014 Phoenix Az Zombie walk

General Lee doing a burn out at a local event

D.A.R.E. event where you choose your ride with assistance from Custom Coffin Works and Kaos Funeral Cars