The (not so Motley) Crew

Glen Wacker

Director/Stunt CoordinatorGlen Wacker -

A native of Arizona. My true passion is seeing how much abuse a car can take.
I have been wrecking and testing cars since I was a teenager. I coordinate all
the stunts for the team and do most of the video work including editing. I got my
inspiration for from TV shows like Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. Basically car shows that I grew up watching in the 80’s. My goal is to have willitmakeit become its own TV show so that I can show people how much abuse their car can take.

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Craig Wacker


I am a native Arizonan. I started working with my son Glen.
I have retired from The Salt River Project, in Phoenix Arizona as a Project Leader in 2004.
I guess I needed a little excitement in my life. I work with Glen to coordinate stunts, set ups and video filming. Testing cars to death is exciting, fun and fulfilling. Like my son we love what we do. My goal is to have Willitmakeit.Inc to become: a great success, by proving just how much abuse vehicles can take.





Derek Lewis 3rd In Charge Master FadricatorCrew & Support

KaptinKaos has been with us since 2006. He donated a 1977 hearse for the filming for CMT and has been with us since. He also doses all of our custom fabrications work to our police cars and ambulances for the movies. He also has a website home of The Cremator, a working BBQ Grill Casket.
Mechanic, fabricator, designer, modifier, explosives technician, etc.

“If it can be broken, I can break it. If it can be blown up, I can blow it up.”



Thomas Gardner

Thomas Gardner

Crew & Support

Thomas Gardner has been with us since early 2010 and has been a huge help to the success of willitmakeit.

Tom also rents his 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car for movies or any events.



Vincent Chustz

Vincent Chustz

Crew & Support

Likes to see things get smashed up.
Vincent has been in many movies with us and even played a zombie once. He helps with props and video camera work on set as well as customization and fabrication.

Vincent’s claim to fame, he has a Zombie Jeep ATV, click below to visit the Face Book Page

Zombie Jeep



Brian (Pyro)

Crew & Support

Brian has been with us for a while now.
Mechanic, fabricator, designer, modifier, etc.

“If it can’t be broken, I can break it”






Zombie -


Zombie Joined us a few years ago and has been our mascot and best friend. Many ask why zombie for a name. Well that’s the name he had when Ryan & Alma, “good friends” gave him to me and I drove a hearse so it just made sense. Zombie is friendly and is available to help out a charity.

Kids love him.



Brad Rupe


Stunt Driver

Brad is one of our stunt drivers. He can be seen on CMT, Worlds Dumbest Videos, Fast ‘N Loud Demolition Theater, Bloopers and more. The more daring the stunt the more he is ready to do it.

Notable Accomplishment: He has even been towed behind a boat on the hood of a car.