TV/Movie Cars

Below are our cars, past and current, that we use and have used in the film industry. These are cars we built or bought and modified for the sole purpose of advertising, filming and of course, having a cool daily driver.

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Police Car



2001 Crown Victoria Interceptor
Light Bar Removable for Unmarked Police Car Look and We Have Multiple Light Bar Options from L.E.D. to Strobe to Rotators
Used for Stunts & Movie Rentals



Police Car

Police Car for Rent
1990 Chevy Caprice Classic
Stunts & Movie Rentals Located in Tuscon, AZ
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1984 Karr Ski


Knight Automated Roving Robot
Used for Special Events and Movie Rentals – Official Stunt K.A.R.R.





Knight Industries Two Thousand
Used for Special Events and Movie Rentals – Includes Full K.I.T.T. Dash




The General Lee

Willitmakeit_Cannonball_2010 018


General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard

Used for Special Events and Movie Rentals







1999 Ambulance – Working Gurney, Lights & Sirens
Used for Special Occasions & Movie Rentals




Moose & Junior

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Moose&Junior Flier